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RT @StephLDV: He lookin like fuck u got onрџ¤Јрџ¤Ј https://t.co/YrDdEERMph
RT @damien23: Lol!
RT @Fresh_Bentley: I cry tears of joy. I took a step out on faith and God loved me so much , he made a way for me. My testimony must be sha…
I would to speaks without both sides on the benefits of keeping your head and cons of not. It’s a really important… https://t.co/EamgMyuWas
Wow. The fight was like a movie. I’m hoping no one got hurt. And even a better bounce back from all that let their… https://t.co/uErdKvhzo3
Play in the East. The west is just toooooo stacked https://t.co/nPezthAttc
Honest truth. I cried while drinking it https://t.co/RE9RBt0FjM https://t.co/KLb1AIOqZl
@channingfrye рџ¤Јрџ‘ЉрџЏѕвњ…
https://t.co/Md4VpzXcRz https://t.co/6OoDPiBSct
@channingfrye Why do ya boy @TheRyanHollins switch up every month?
Drake was talking shit. Plus i had 1 job. Make 3s and talk crap https://t.co/9E1mRh5vUP
BeyoncГ© https://t.co/ZpAUGgvC2s
100 lol fellas! For sure! https://t.co/UZQevraCMy https://t.co/4Z7O1iHduU
Probably lol https://t.co/x3TDt10WwG
Game of thrones https://t.co/qBSgZexwKv
Top 4 always https://t.co/sQYCt5y3JL
@tobias31 https://t.co/Xleh7uF3iQ
For sure they have! I’ve loved watching them. I thought they were gonna have a garage sale but they kept everyone a… https://t.co/yLdmvjxCOw
I literally will have to talk about him all night on @HandlesNBATV the show i co-host.. https://t.co/gvg1PTebS5
Hot sauce, ranch, ketchup, mayo, siracha https://t.co/lIqYyU1ChA
https://t.co/sO7citrdG7 https://t.co/gAYQHzm1HS
Popeyes is far an away the Best chicken Sandwhich from a fast food joint https://t.co/qNn7q2XAeD
How hungry i was. Not playing and drinking half Gatorade half water all game got my tummy upset lol https://t.co/9vuhZtvONk
https://t.co/ju5S6aN3nU https://t.co/MCGhcJt3VI
If you go to ASU you were the kid that ate his boogers in 2nd grade https://t.co/zNOnqDA9ZV
Fuck yes!!! https://t.co/OjrqBh1zoq
He stunk like literally i think he had a tummy ache because he was farting all the time. Lol jk he was a leader and… https://t.co/D7Kzf953kB
Madison square Garden https://t.co/1lETLDwgah
RT @xvsxsports: Coach on and off the court @MettaWorld37 #xvsxsports #losangelesbasketball #mettaworldpeace https://t.co/W1mHOxtpYG
The Houston Oilers https://t.co/ePBnwnDGHX
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LeBron speaks on fan who threw object at Bronny: 

(via ) Consistency is key to getting a рџЏ† RT @ClutchPointsNBA: Final seconds of the Kansas State vs. Kansas game erupts into a massive BRAWL рџ?±
RT @ClutchPointsNBA: Boban's hand makes Luka look like a child рџ?‚ Chris Paul and the Thunder are 2-1 against James Harden this season. RT @ClutchPointsNBA: Kemba Walker has one career win against LeBron James
...Michael Jordan has NONE.